King Hezekiah: The Book Of Isaiah

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Micah lived in a small village, Moresheth, only 22 miles (35km) southwest of Jerusalem. Forming part of many other military outposts, it was set up to secure the kingdom's borders. Prior to the fall of Samaria & through the period of king Hezekiah's reign in Judah, Micah prophesied to both Israel and Judah. He bore witness to the destruction of Israel as they fell under the Assyrians attack. Followed by the God's great rescue of Jerusalem from the Assyrians under the reign of Hezekiah.
The first major section in Micah (1:2-2:13) describes God's punishment of Judah and Samaria (1:2-16); the abusive acts and abusers of Yahweh's land (2:1-11); and God's promise to gather Jacob - the remnant of Israel (2:12-13).
The beginning of each of the book's major divisions (1:2; 3:1; 6:1) starts with the verb "hear". Micah calls the
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20:17) which became the primary reason for God's judgement against the house of Ahab (1 Kings 21; Mic. 6:16). When the Lord declares that He will bring disaster "against this family" (2:3), it is clear that the entire community is being held to account for the sinful practices of its leaders. Because these oppressors had seized property from the weak and defenseless (2:1-2), the Assyrians ("apostate") will seize their land and they will be mocked for their losses (2:4). Those who took possession of property unfairly will be excluded from the inheritance they denied to others (2:5). The people were taken by surprise at the mention of disaster in verse 3, as they thought a God of grace is incapable of bringing disaster upon them (2:6-7). Because they filled the land with sin and ruined the land completely with injustice and "uncleanness" that deprived others from rest, the demand of the Lord came that they must go into exile. The land is neither a home for them to reside in, nor theirs to possess any longer (2:9-10). This being a result of self-indulgence and arrogance towards their violation of God's standards

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