Tragic Events In My Life

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First, I want to give honor to God, because he is a driven force in my life. God’s message to me has led me on a spiritual walk through all my ups and downfalls. Without him, I wouldn’t have the Christian values I have today.

July 4th, 2012 about five years ago. I experienced one of the most tragic events in my life the death of my older brother Adeniyi Adesida, to gun violence. During this time I had become very depressed, I couldn't eat, sleep, or function right in school. I felt like my whole world was crashing down because my depression had taken a significant toll on me. There were days when I would lock myself in my bedroom and just cry myself to sleep praying to God for better days. I knew I had to make a change in my life to better
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For one, going to college has always been my number source to become very successful. During my sophomore year in college, I started to get very overwhelmed because my studies began to get more complicated. I then thought about many things such as changing my major, taking fewer classes each semester, or taking a semester off to work. However, changing my major was one of my biggest fears to do because becoming a nurse has always been my passion. I knew that if I wanted to become a successful nurse, I had to face some real challenges throughout my studies in college. Until one day I had a conversation with God, asking him to give me the strength and guidance to complete all my courses successfully and become one of the best nurses. Not only did I want to let myself down but to God, it was essential not to. I had made a promise, and commitment to go through this journey for my future with the help of God’s guidance and trust. Towards the end of the semester. I realized I was able to cope with my anxiety about school much better. I set goals, for myself throughout the rest of my time in college to fulfill my God’s given purpose. One, always thanking God for the little things he does daily, and finding joy in the life he has given me. Is one of my primary goals, because giving thanks to God shows a sign of appreciation. Two, learning how to overcome the fear of criticism as…show more content…
By genuinely loving him, with joy, and pleasure and doing everything God commands. After, the passing of my brother and my overwhelming college experience. I had finally understood and learned the word of Christ. The fact that I started to get more involved in my church was terrific doing so much such as going on mission trips, singing in the choir, and sharing my past experiences to help others. I felt like a brand new person as if God had to rebuild me with his grace, and promises. A few months after me working so hard in the church, I earned the opportunity to host a women’s ministry worship. Hosting this event was an excellent chance for me to connect and share my personal story with other women. About eight women during this event shared their own story through words, dancing, and singing. Their words were so compelling that you could tell they had a big heart for the Lord the way they expressed themselves. I also shared my testimony on how God has grown and stretched my faith in ways I had never imagined. Throughout, the obstacles in my life God has never left my side even at times when I felt like he wasn’t there. However, building a relationship with God changed me for better never would I had thought that accepting God’s love and pulling closer to him would have led me to so many great things in life. Especially being able to share my testimony with other women in my
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