God's NOT DEAD: Proving The Existence Of God

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In the movie "GOD 'S NOT DEAD", a character with the name of Josh Wheaton once quoted, "Atheist say that no one can prove the existence of God and they 're right, but I say that no one can disprove that God exist." This is true because many atheists throughout the ages have always questioned the existence of God and try to prove that he is not real but they have not disproved that he does not exist either. Most atheist are philosophers and philosophers use science to try to prove that they are right and say that science has an explanation to why everything exists. "Science 's tools will never prove or disprove God 's existence." Francis Collins is right about this because people cannot prove something that is in the nature of this world to prove something that is supernatural. Many argue that God is not real because they do not see him or that there is no true evidence of him. As a matter of fact it would be like if an unborn child were to say that their…show more content…
Do you think there 's a life after birth? Do you believe in Mom? -Nah, I don’t believe these things, I 'm an atheist. I mean have you ever seen Mom?" This comes to show that not everything can be seen or understood in the way humans desire. Some things are not meant to be understood by people who refuse to understand something or be ignorant to it. Others do not understand simply because they have experienced what others have when it comes to that particular subject. For example, is two sister are close and only one has fallen in love, it is only obvious for that one sister to know what a heartbreak feels like. The other sister on the other hand, cannot pretend to know how a heartbreak feels because she has not gone through that. It is the same when it comes to the belief in God. People who do not believe in him are those who do not want to understand or are ignorant to God. Therefore, just because a person does not want for God to exist does not mean he does not. God is as real as everyone on earth, in fact even
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