God's Not Dead Essay

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Finally, this last example of Christian life story taken from the film is representing most of the Christians reasons on believing Jesus Christ. Newsboys, the band that is part of the cast of the movie asked by a reporter how they can believe that God and Jesus are real. They answered that they believed because it gives them hope. Just like many Christians’ reason why they still believed in God and Jesus Christ in spite of their hardships is because by believing, it gives them hopes in life and motivation that after all these circumstances, there is a reward that awaits them in the kingdom of God.
Above are some examples of Christian beliefs and activities that one can do for the sake of their religion. It also implies that one’s religion is
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The start of this is when our ancestors cannot understand how, what, and why the things around them became like that. Since then, they believe that there is a great spirit that is the reason for everything that they cannot understand. As a result, they worship and made rituals to almost all of the things that they can sense. This includes the sun, moon, animals, trees, waters, and even the dead.
Now in modern times, there are different religions that exist. This includes the Christianity, Islam, Secular, Buddhism, Shinto, Taoism, Judaism, and many more. Like the movie “God’s Not Dead”, there are also other films that present and describe the other religion.
This film is a good story in understanding the biggest religion in the world, which is Christianity. It shows the present condition of this faith and the people that follows it. It unveil the joys, hardships, sacrifices, lessons, and beliefs in a Christian community. Overall, this movie presents better understanding in Christianity. According to the film, Christians believes that there is one and only living God who creates the universe, the heaven, the earth, the sun, the moon, the night, the day, the land, the wind, the water, and the every living creatures. Jesus Christ is the only Son of God that is believed by Christians that, accepting Him as the Lord and Savior is the only way to have eternal life in the kingdom of God in
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