God's Own Country Analysis

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Write a fiction analysis of the film ‘This Is England’ and the trailer to the film ‘God’s Own Country ‘ The film ‘This is England’ from 1983 is based on writer and director Shane Meadows’ own experience as a youngster. In the 19th century Britain was transformed from an agricultural to a modern industrial country. Conversely, in the 20th century Britain lost much of her economic and political power. The trailer ‘God’s Own County’ by Francis Lee, is about this young farmer Johnny Saxby numbs his daily frustrations with binge drinking and casual sex. The theme in both is identity, because all of them having a hard time, and they are finding out who they really are. Shaun is finding out which group he belongs to, and change his hole identity. Gheorghe was born in another county like Milky. He came to England to start work at Jonny’s family farm. Jonny is a young farmer, and is a little jittery about his identity and sexuality. One function in ‘This is England’ is about this twelve years old boy, Shaun and speaks very rude. He comes from a coastal town in the north of England, where unemployment is high and the population is poor. At the school all the guys ‘pick off’ him, because of his clothes and his father died in Falkland 's war. Britain has lost almost all of her colonies, but have still a few dependencies which remain under British control, such as Gibraltar on the southern coast of Spain and the Falkland Islands in the south-west Atlantic Ocean near Argentina. He has
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