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Godzilla is an American monster film even though the movie is based on a famous Japanese monster film named Gojira. The story starts with a Japanese cannery ship being destroyed by an unknown sea monster. Because of this event, the U.S. state department was forced to reassign Nick Tatopoulos to the site where the monster was last seen. Godzilla traveled from French Polynesia, Panama, Eastern Seaboard and to New York. After Godzilla’s first attack in New York, the military team together with Nick Tatopoulos went to New York to investigate and destroy the creature. Meanwhile, the French secret services are also performing their investigations regarding the sea monster. They believe that the emergence of Godzilla is the result of the…show more content…
In addition, he also played an important role in the movie in destroying the creature and the nests. Elsie Chapman believed that Nick’s expertise is unrelated to the events occurred. However, since the government assumed that there is a connection between radiation and Godzilla, they hired Nick to investigate and confirm their assumptions. The French secret service is something refreshing in the movie especially when Phillipe is complaining to the taste of American coffee and being unable to buy croissants. These scenes clearly showed the difference of French and American culture when it comes to food and beverage. Phillipe’s preference to food and coffee clearly suggested his nationalism like what he stated in the movie. Victor Animal Pallotti is also a cameraman who loves to take risks even though it means being killed in the scene. Godzilla almost got him killed when Victors attempts to record a video of a dinosaur walking through the streets of Manhattan. Nevertheless, he also served as an extremely helpful friend for Audrey. Music Analysis 9 9 A solemn and militaristic melody with a slow tempo is played during the opening scenes of the movie. The militaristic tone suggests that there is an ongoing military action in that…show more content…
This melody reinforces the danger that the fishermen face. Fortunately, it seems that all of them survived the ordeal. A melody with a fast tempo performed by an orchestra can be heard during the scenes when Godzilla finally arrived at fish port of New York City. The tempo became faster when the monster started to walk on the streets of Manhattan where the pedestrians were running for their lives. The fast tempo indicates that people should run for their lives unless they want to get killed by the monster. In the scene when Mayor Ebert started his speech, no music is evident. Later on, the music performed by an orchestra was played again when Godzilla showed himself to other New Yorkers. However, the melody is somewhat creepier than its previous musical score. The militaristic melody that was played when New Yorkers started to evacuate the city is less creepy compared to the musical scores of Godzilla’s arrival. The militaristic tone simply implies that they gain the control of the city and they start searching again for Godzilla. The less creepy tone suggests that Godzilla is still in the hiding and will not cause damage yet. When

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