Goffman's Theory Of Representation In Modern Advertising?

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How is Masculinity represented in modern Advertising?. (Hall, Evans, & Nixon, 2013) Note: ‘’ Representation is an essential part of the process by which meaning is produced and exchanged between members of a culture. It does involve the use of language, of signs and images which stand for or represent things’’ Some of the key questions I hope to tackle in this essay are ‘How is masculinity portrayed or represented in modern advertising?’ and ‘Based on modern advertising what does it mean to be a man?’ Some of the areas to be discussed include the inversion of the male gaze to the point where now men see their bodies as sources of identity management. I’ll also take a look at theoretical frameworks such as Goffman’s theory of gendered advertisements and illustrate how these points are still evident in today’s world of advertising, I’ll look at advertising from a sport endorsement perspective and observe how men are being sold goods by their so called ideal selves but also take a look at one particularly interesting trend in advertisements used to sell products to the men of today’s world. By utilising theoretical frameworks, backed by journal articles and books etc. hopefully with the use of up to date examples by the end of this essay you; the reader will have attained a better understanding of how masculinity is portrayed in modern advertising. (Paterson & Elliot, 2002) argue that the male gaze is now directed inwards to the point where the body of a man is seen as

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