Generation Gap In Our Generation

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Register to read the introduction…Parents and children basically come from different decades and as time pasts, things change and people change to adapt to the new world. Due to the decades of time gap, we certainly have different type of cultivation, education and lifestyles with the past generations. This causes the difference between our mind and the way we think. When we have different thinking, we behave differently and most of the time, our parents’ generation do not understand why we behave in certain ways. For example, old generations tend to over interfere their children’s or grandchildren’s lives and this is the part that the new generation dislike as nowadays people like to decide and do things on their own. They want to prove themselves and when the old generation try to intervene their decision and even order them, most of the time it leads to in adverse effects which their children or grandchildren show their objection by purposely misbehave their elderlies. Matters become worse if they do not communicate properly. In my opinion, when we have different opinions about any things, the best solution is to communicate and state clearly about our stands and reasons to do so and eventually find a both agreeable conclusion to create a win-win…show more content…
Certainly, it is very important to preserve and conserve our own culture and practices so that we will not lose our cultural identity. However, when we are in a cross cultural or multi-cultural society, too insisting in own culture may not be a good option because we need to adapt to the society that we are living in and it is for a better blend with the society. Therefore, adjustment need to be made but it doesn’t mean that we are giving up our own culture. On the contrary, we can choose to preserve and practice our culture and meanwhile practicing the society’s culture. So, here we create and form a new culture which we mix our culture with others. This means that it is a unique and special one that is only owned by our country and eventually it will become the specialty of our society and country. In the movie, initially Ashima feels homesick and she feels alone in America but when it comes to the ending of the movie she thinks that Calcutta where once is her home is now a foreign country. Here we know that she had grown accustomed to the life in America. She accepts Sonia’s non-Bengali fiancé and also Gogol’s divorce with his
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