Going Back In Time Short Story

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i've always wanted to become a time traveller. time travelling rocks! i'd like to go to the past. i can meet alexander the great, botev and levski, cleaopatra, hitler, vincent van gogh... that'd be cool, i'm telling you - to spend an entire day with van gogh for example. or any other person from the ones i've already said. but here comes the struggle - people won't be willing to pay me for going back in time, simply because to them i'm, well, useless. but i may have an idea. a solution. i can be a delivery boy (a delivery girl in my case). but no, i won't be an ordinary delivery girl. what am i actually talking about? okay, i'll try to explain you. close your eyes now, it's story time. no, actually keep your eyes open because you won't be able to read if…show more content…
'so, hear me, kiddo,' i'd say' go back to your room, finish that essay, pass it over and i will go back in time and give it to your past-self, so you can have a homework for your literature class and you won't be a disappointment to your teacher!' you will look at me with your big eyes, filled with hopes and dreams and you will be so extremely happy that you'll start laughing.
'yes, yes, i know, i know, i'm awesome but you still gotta pay me first.' i'll interrupt you.' what can i say - a girl's gotta eat!' and this is how i, the Extraordinal Delivery Girl, am going to save the day! but actually this may be a real bad idea. why? cause perhaps it was your destiny to receive an "F". and messing up with destiny sucks! if you were supposed to get an "F" neither i, nor anyone can prevent that from happening. so, i'm sorry, i guess i can't really help you. hmm. weird. that wasn't the solution. maybe i should concentrate on the future then? maybe there will be someone who'd like to pay me to use my time travelling abilities. maybe. probably not. ahh, whatever, i have to give it a try. #the #things #we #do #for

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