Persuasive Essay About Camping

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Good day. Who has ever gone camping before? I am pretty sure most of you did. If you haven't, well then you should probably try it out. I can guarantee you that if you are a person like me then you will love it. Also, I can suggest a very awesome place to visit when going camping. Here are three reasons for you to go camping at Hammonasset State Park. The first reason is because of family and friends. When you are camping for a week or more you get to spend all of your time with your favorite people. You see them from sunrise to sunset. No school. No work, usually. There are not much responsibilities, other than washing the dishes, cleaning after a meal, cleaning the camper, and so on but, those chores that are needed to get done then the time doing them is quicker since almost everybody pitches in to help. You live in the same camper or tent and that nearness can make you more closer with your family or on a different note arouse some disagreements. Nonetheless, It is fun most of the time. Our family is…show more content…
The weather there is mostly sunny, unless it isn't and if it isn't everyone still has fun. There are many, and when I say many I mean MANY ways to have fun. It is just physically impossible to go through all of them in one day, unless you really try, but I'd rather do a few things fully than have them half-way done. Swimming is every ones favorite pastime, I mean like who doesn't love getting wedgied by sand while the scorching sun is slowly peeling your skin away. Uh I'm just kidding. The beach is perfect and the water is amazing. Personally I prefer biking on a forest trail under the shade of the trees where the temperature is not too hot and not too cold. Then there is also volleyball that is a game for anyone capable. Volleyball is especially fun at night when the temperature cools and the flies are gone. It is the perfect time to gather your friends and go to the nearest volleyball court and play till
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