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While watching the film Going on 13, I learned a lot about you. The film showed the struggles that you were experiencing in school, at home, and in your personal life. While watching the film it reminded me of some of the things I have been learning in my Psychology of Women course. Throughout the film I noticed you displayed social learning theory. Social learning theory relates to how environments can teach children about gendered behaviors. Social learning theory show people how they are supposed to behavior based on their gender. For instance, females are supposed to care for the children and the household, while males are supposed to do outdoor chores and provide for the family. In other words, social learning theory is based on gender and often follow traditional gender roles.
This theory reminds of you, because you depicted social
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For instance, when you said her parents do not let you wear hoochie clothes. Then you went on to say that you want to wear short clothes like other girls. More simply, you are used to seeing girls dress a certain way and they get attention. You noticed that girls who dressed that way were being complimented about their appearance, so you internalized that if you dress that way you will get the same attention. The film displayed that you were bullied in school, so it seems like if you wanted to sexualize yourself, so you will be complimented instead of bullied or made fun of. However, dressing sexual will attract the wrong type of attention. For instance, males may notice you for your appearance or your body instance of her personality or intelligence. More simply, dressing sexual may make people view you differently, because of the way you are dressing. Therefore, you should continue to be you and not sexualize yourself, because people that care for you will compliment and love you regardless of what you 're

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