Four Year College Degree Benefits

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As students go through high school, many start thinking about their future after school.
Some students choose to get a full-time job after graduation to begin earning money instead of going to college. Some people join the military. For the people who choose to go to college, the closer it gets to senior year, they start deciding which college is the right one for them. Some students think that a four-year college degree is worth the expensive cost of tuition, but others feel it is not. Earning a bachelor’s degree is a great accomplishment, but going to a community college and beginning work sooner could be better financially in the long run.
If a student graduates from high school but doesn’t go to college, they can start working at places
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Tuition at the University of South Alabama is around $19,000.00 peryear for Alabama residents ( The price can be even higher at other universities like Alabama or Auburn. For students that cannot pay for college on their own, some have to take out student loans. The longer it takes to get a degree, the more debt a student will have to pay after college. Two year colleges can offer students more flexibility by offering many night classes or having classes around work schedules. ( ). If a student works while going to a two year college, he can earn money and get experience at a job while getting an associate’s degree.
People who go to college after high school can improve their lives in many ways. College gives students a chance to meet different people from all over the world. Some relationships made during college can help students find work after college graduation
( College campuses offer more social activities and fun, especially universities with good athletic teams, fraternities and sororities. Many companies require
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There are also some reasons why going to college may not be a good plan after high school. Some students might not have prepared well enough to go to college while they were in high school ( They may have scored low on the ACT which will lead to college costing too much. Some people wait too long to try to get financial aid and then have to come out of pocket to pay for it. If you do have to borrow money for college, the debt lasts a very long time. A person who decides to skip out on college and go straight to work will have money to put away, while as a student attending college will have all their time taken up with school work. The student who starts with a company right after they graduate may have a chance to progress through ranks or titles in the job and start getting promotions which in the long run lead to more money in their pocket.
A high school graduate can get a job and earn good money working at steel plants
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