Going To College Is Not Worth It Essay

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As a child all throughout our life we are told that going to college will guarantee us a successful future. By successful many people mean that your secured a job after graduating and you will not have to struggle in life as much as people who didn’t go to college. But what if actually going to college may not guarantee you a successful future? Many college students after graduating are unemployed. Also, going to college can be a very expensive cost. While leaving many college graduates in debts of about 27,000 dollars or more. Going to college is just not worth it because it will not guarantee you a job in your degree, leaves a lot of graduates in debt, and going to college can be very expensive. First, college is not worth it because it does not guarantee you a job with your degree. Many college graduates after graduating end up taking jobs…show more content…
The average cost of a tuition depends on many things like whether it’s a private, public, or in state or out of state. But for a public instate college the average tuition is $9,000. If you look at the cost for four years it can add up and not everyone is fortunate enough to pay that much. “Tuition has risen quicker than income, making it difficult for the average American to pay for college without incurring debt.”(http://college-education.procon.org/#background.) Knowing that tuition has risen can help people make better decisions about whether to go to college or not. But still keep in mind that college is an expensive cost. Even though college can be expensive going to college can pay off. “With a median salary of over 100,000 a year (upwards of 130,000 or more), you could expect to pay back student loans within a reasonable length of time, especially if you live carefully. (http://www.educarelab.com/infographic-college-student-debt-and -highest-lowest-paid-college-majors/). Still, college can be an expensive cost that can take years to pay
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