Going To College Is Very Much Worth It Essay

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Argumentative Essay “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you” by B.B. King. I believe that going to college is an opportunity to succeed in life, going to college gives you many opportunities in life this essay will talk about them like, making more money and have a less chance of being unemployed. In the first place a reason that going to college is worth it is because you have a better chance of making money. In the Article “Actually, college is very much worth it” by Andrew J Rotherham, paragraph 5 it says that it was only a median weekly earning for someone with some college was $712 and a college graduate was $1038. This shows that the better education you have the better percentage it has. Of course another reason to go to college is that you will have a less chance of being unemployed, In a the same article as before paragraph 5 “Meanwhile in 2010. The unemployment rate was 9.2 for those with only some college and more than 10 percent for those with just a high school degree, but it was 5.4 percent for college graduates” this is another piece of evidence that going to college will benefit your life, it will help you when you have trouble finding a job the owner of a place will see you are college graduate and will most likely pick you for your past experience.…show more content…
In the article “why college isn’t(And shouldn’t have to be) for everyone” by Robert Rich, Paragraph 6 “ a degree from a prestigious can open down to elite business schools and law schools - and to jobs paying hundreds of thousands, if not millions, a year” This shows that you have to pays lot’s of money just to enter college and sometimes it’s too much and won’t be able to pay of the debt in your
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