Going To College Is Worth The Cost Essay

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Debt is the amount of money you owe to a person, bank, etc. According to Margaret Hoover, “If you finish your four years or any post high school educations leads to increased earnings over the course of your lifetime, and that’s just undeniable.” College is worth the cost because it provides future jobs, better pay, and living environments. College gives you better job opportunities. Some people say that you do not have to go to college to get a good job. It is true that some people will become successful. However, the people who do not go to college are not as successful in entrepreneurship or anything as people who went to college. Today, more jobs require college degrees to get a job. For example, Oprah Winfrey went to college and finished and now she is one of the wealthiest women in the world. Job seekers will need more than a high school diploma in order to obtain jobs in the future (Bennet). According to the U.S Census Bureau, a degree opens up a whole vista of job opportunities. Individuals with a college degree are more…show more content…
Some people argue that you can get a job and earn good pay and not go to college. It is true, that people can get a job without going to college and earn fair pay. However, by going to college your payments can increase more (Bennet). College graduates make more money on the hour than people that did not graduate from college (Leonhardt). Doctors with a degree make more money than medical assistants that do not require a degree. According to Mr.Autor, college is free because of the money you gain when you get out from jobs; make up for the loss of money for college (qtd in. Leonhardt). Not going to college will cost you a half of million in the long run (Leonhardt). According to Leonhardt, the statistics say, if there were more college graduates, the prices would not be so high. The point is, going to college increases your lifetime
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