Going To College Research Paper

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Going to college is a very good idea that can open up a lot of opportunities. It gives you the chance to make more money from your job after college. You also have the possibility to get a variety of jobs that open up with the further advancement of your education. College also sets you up to make many connections in a variety of ways. I believe that going to college can help you later in life such as making more money, more job opportunities, and to make connections. College gives you opportunity to make a larger salary. It has been tested and proven that someone with a bachelor’s degree earns nearly $1 million more throughout their lifetime than someone with a high school degree (Goldman, Jordan). With this being said, it is worth the cost to go to college and get a…show more content…
In our world today, jobs are becoming more complicated and require more schooling (Goldman, Jordan). This means that employers are looking for someone who went to school and has the proper education for that type of job. Also, having a degree tells employers that you are independent and know how to deal with stress (Goldman, Jordan). This shows businesses that you have dealt with problems before and know how to manage them. In 2008, 68% of graduates enrolled in college by October (Goldman, Jordan). With this being said, jobs are becoming that much harder to find for someone without a degree because they don’t have the skills that many jobs are requiring these days. Someone who has gone to college has experienced challenges and many employers value that (How To E-D-U.). People who go to college have to face tough tests and that is something that someone with a high school degree may not experience. Someone with a college degree can also be more diverse and more talented than someone with a high school degree (Goldman, Jordan). Given that they are more talented, they would have a better chance of bringing in more
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