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What would going to Grambling means to you ? Going to Grambling State University would mean the world to me ! I would be happy because, I have always wanted to tour their school but, never had a chance. My dad is a graduate from C.E Byrd High School. He never got a chance to go to Grambling like he planned. As a daughter, student, I’m going to do it for myself, my dad, and my teachers. I’m going to Grambling to major in English, Biology, Nursing Program, and Theatre Program. The most important is Nursing and Theatre because, I have always wanted to experience nursing babies and other people. I also sings,so Theatre is the plan for me and my voice. I sing to remember lots of things I’ve been or went through. If I get a scholarship for Nursing…show more content…
I’ll have money, cars, my own place, and everything else. I also want to make my family proud. I will be the first person of my family to walk across the stage to graduate and go to college. So, therefore that makes me want to do it. This opportunity will increase my life so much more.

b. Why would you be the best person to receive a scholarship ? I would be the best person to receive a scholarship because, I’m my own person and I think I deserve it. Lots of people acknowledge me to keep going in school, but I also acknowledge myself. I’m 16 years old and knows more than a 25 year old. I think i deserve it because I’m a good student, I don’t have a bad record, and my grades are good. I’m also a good person at home.

I have not been in no school activities because, I am very shy. I been on honor roll twice out of my whole life. I wanted to join the choir but, It was hard for me. I’m a very good singer. My 12th grade year will be the year i join the choir. Some school activities are very expensive also.

Winning a scholarship would mean the world to me, like everything. I would literally cry, and panic. I would be so happy because, I did it, nobody made me do it, I did it on my own, and also because of my teachers. My parents would be more happier then me. That scholarship would get so many things from my parents and other
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