Going To School John Taylor Gatto Analysis

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Nowadays kids in school hate having to wake up early and go to school. John Taylor Gatto reveals his opinion to why that is in an article which was published in Harper’s Magazine Forum in September 2001. According to Gatto, school is “childish.” Gatto talks about many Americans that did not attend school that were very productive and self educated, such as George Washington. He believes, that going to school through our educational system is just like a children’s program. Gatto also speaks about how boredom comes from oneself, and how we should always find something that interests us.
First, Gatto states “Do we really need school?” This is where he starts explaining his opinion and describing his own experience about how schooling is not important. Then he goes on to talk about how school is only teaching us to become good citizens but not to truly educate ourselves and learn more.
I personally both agree and disagree with Gatto. However, in many ways I disagree. I think school is very important to attend. I always complain about waking up everyday coming to school and do the same things. Even so, we always learn something new everyday. In my opinion, Gatto does not see school as if it is giving us education. He sees it as a waste of time-which I do not.
In some way, I agree with Gatto.
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He stated and gave many examples to try and prove his point through. In many ways I agree with him, students should do what they are interested in, but some may be lazy and not do anything which is why they might need that help that teachers provide. At the end of the day I think teachers do feel like they taught at least one person something new that day which might help them out with their future college path or occupations. But, at the same time I disagree because I think most should attend school not just for their grades and their parents, but also for themselves. Just knowing what is going on around you gets you feeling
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