Going To Six Flags Essay

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Over the years, six flags went from being top 50 places to visit, to becoming on the top 20 list of the places to visit in America. I been to six flags many times in my life. Over the past years, they been improving a lot. More people are visiting six flags every year because of the improvements they made through the year. They provide the most needs to the customers. My first time going to six flags was not that great because they did not have many rides that I could choice from, but recently, I went back to six flags and they had doubled their rides for any ages. I was shocked about that because that’s a big improvement that would help them bring in more family friendlies. Six Flags is the biggest collection of commercially operated rides, games and other entertainment attractions. Firstly, there are different types of rides at six flags, those rides that can be operated by the whole family and those only available for kids. Family rides consist of the air jumbo, Buccaneer, the classic Ferris wheel, Blackbeard, lost treasure train, carousel, Congo rapids, the Deja Vu, enchanted…show more content…
Six flag offers a whole new level of fun with cool shirts designed specifically for the event, and helps complement the attire of individual or family participants. Six Flags also maintain a safety environment by establishing hospitals and availing medicine and first aid kits at all times. They also have charities that people donate to the needs it and they mostly hit their goals every year doing it. They went from having a few events to having events every holiday and ever weekend. Six flag is a safe place to be because they have their own hospital build inside the place. Preview they did not have this hospital build and people would complain that anything can happen and they would want to feel safer, so they decided to build it inside the place for emergency
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