Going To The Olympics 1984 Frank Romero Analysis

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In the image of "Going to the Olympics, 1984" by Frank Romero's, he was a noted muralist and pioneering Chicano painter that loves to paint. What I see in the image is a bunch of cars just driving down the streets enjoying the weather. Some of the possible meaning of all of these images is to express how you feel in the paintings. Also the symbols I see in the image is hearts in each car to show that everybody is enjoying the nice weather while they're driving. What Romero might feel about our city's car culture is that he loves it. He chose the colors and the shape to express he's feelings into the painting.Romero used a combination of bright and pastel colors and a cartoon like style to depict five cars driving in a row against a backdrop of palm trees. Also a valentine heart hovered above each vehicle. Frank Romero is an artist that was paid to paint a mural in Los Angeles. The created along the Hollywood Freeway downtown in conjunction with the 1984 Olympics. He created along the Hollywood Freeway downtown in conjunction with the 1984 Olympics. He was part of a collective called "Los Four" whose 1974 exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is considered a landmark in Chicano art. The people in the city loved he's art work because they express their feelings towards the mural. It makes them happy and peaceful…show more content…
Also his attitude towards it reflects on how he feels about the city. Part of him wishes he hadn’t agreed to the fix, it’s like a going to a funeral, embalming in a sense. Muralist Frank Romero sued Caltrans for painting over his mural. With tens of millions of dollars now spent annually on graffiti cleanup in the region, its aim is to persuade government agencies to channel some of that money toward restoring murals and running educational programs that would deter tagging and instill respect for murals and their surrounding
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