Going To The Olympics 1984 Summary

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In the mural "Going To The Olympics,1984," by Frank Romero, vivid symbols that show meaning to the mural. Romero has a certain details that makes you understand what the theme of the canvas is. He paints palm trees and vivid colors of the sun to represent Los Angeles within the vivid colors of the sun he draws arm wrestlers to represent the Olympics. He includes cars and hearts on top of them, also a blimp to show more representative of Los Angeles. The hearts on top of the cars represents the love of Los Angeles people for there cars. Cars have so much meaning to people they are a way of transportation. In the mural "Going To The Olympics,1984," by Frank Romero, Romero has a certain perspective on cars, which is why he included them in his mural. Romero might feel about Los Angeles's car culture is that cars have a great impact in everyday life for people. Some people may have an obsession with cars they are car fanatics, they have typical designs that have there interests. Many people only see cars as a way of transportation but others see it and a form of beauty. Cars to them is like diamonds to girls it is something so precious and valuable that can't be compared to anything else. Based off the three articles about Frank Romero's mural "Going to the…show more content…
If the city knows that a certain place were an artist is about to paint a mural at is in a place were taggers like to vandalize they should think ahead of time and relocate to a different place. I believe that they are worth restoring and protecting to an extent that if it keeps getting vandalized it should be just be taken down. The best way to save our city's art work is by painting in locations that can not be reached or in better environments. The city should be responsible for the expenses of restoration and protecting but it is also there decision if they feel the need to take it down for certain
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