Going To The Olympics Frank Romero Analysis

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The drawing of Frank Romero's "Going to the Olympics" was made on 1984. He got paid to draw a painting on a wall inside the freeway of Los Angeles. What I see in the drawing on the freeway is life. It clearly says LA all over it. The drawing is very vibrant and so alive expressing itself. The possible meaning to this drawing is practically showing a resembles of the life of the valley and how it looks with all the palm trees and the cool cars. It was a vey nice painting back then. It seemed as if Romero loved cars , all types of cars with vibrant colors. The paintings mood seemed very much happy. It had happy colors , palm trees , different colored cars , a balloon up in the air , two people wrestling. Romero's painting is very beautiful…show more content…
Romero was not really happy about it he got super upset at that fact. He still got paid but wasn't extremely happy he was very much upset , didn't know how to feel. They painted over it for such a dumb choice. I personally strongly agree with Romero. He created this painting a while back. It took effort , countless timing , hard work and dedication all so the city could destroy it with paint over the beautiful painting. All because of taggers tagging all over the drawing. Yes i would be furious an upset just like Romero. Its like me doing my hard work all for someone to just throw it away to the trash to rip it apart all for nothing. I would blow up on who ever did it , i don't care. I think how the city responded to Romero is really stupid. Why would they paint all over his drawing just because of tagging over it? They should've just left it there to begin with to be honest. Why ask him to do a painting then cover it with paint knowing very well that taggers exist and are going to tagg all over it. Yes he got a ton of money but all for nothing. They should've have just left it there to begin
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