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In the Mural "Going to the Olympics " by Frank Romero he shows how the people of Los Angeles love their cars and their way of life and also shows the way anything can happen in Los Angeles. Romero uses lots of bright and vivid colors to show the skyline of Los Angeles. He shows how Los Angeles citizens make their way around the beautiful city. You can see the Good Year blimp, a flying saucer, the famous horse racing and you see two men wrestling. All these little details show how Los Angeles became famous and also the struggle, the love and the overall laid back attitude that comes with living in Los Angeles. Romero puts the city's culture for cars at center stage in his mural by showing the cars going down the road on the way to the Olympics. Also he shows the culture of loving cars by putting hearts above each car as the drive. The bright colors show how when the people of Los Angeles drive they are happy and are in a good mood. The colors set the mood of the mural by highlighting the happiness of the people, the love of the cars and city and the way people enjoy their lives in this big city. The mural was destroyed while it was under the cities not so watchful eye. It was a mix of a lack of caring and letting the damage go that far. When Romero sued Caltrans for painting over his mural…show more content…
They should have gotten his permission before covering it .The taggers should be found and stopped at the very least fined, if they want to tag they should avoid city murals. The mural showed the beauty of the city of Los Angeles. Also the culture that comes with living in Los Angeles .The artist and the city should work together to keep it clean and safe. If the people of Los Angeles want the mural that bad they should help with repair restoration and keeping the murals clean. The mural was a popular spot in the Los Angeles area it should be redone and protected by the city and the

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