The Gold Bug Analysis

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The story gold bug revolves around the two friends narrator and William Legrand, started with the introduction of William past, it is written that he was once a wealthy man but due to some up and down of the world he lost his status of the rich person, So in order to avoid embarrassment from the people he shifted his resident to a distinctly unique island which had a sandy ground and it was approximately not greater than ¼ miles. As we progress through the story we know more and more about the character of the William that he was a collector of insects and mollusks, which he used to caught with his companion servant Jupiter who was a negro and was previously a slave, he was often called ”Massa Will”. In the autumn season the narrator came to…show more content…
Upon completed transfer of treasure they then tried to calculate of its worth which was above 1.5 million dollars. When narrator asked William about his conclusion about the treasure he replied that the paper in which beetle was placed was found on the beach by Jupiter happened to be a treasure map of the treasure of the pirate which was hidden in the paper, and it could become only visible when it was subjected to heat, as it had when the narrator was first told by the William about the bug. According to William Captain Kidd was a 17 century pirate who hid his treasure along the coast of Atlantic, which was never discovered, William further added that there was encrypted message on the page which he broke to reveal the secret code due to his habit of solving riddles. It was hypothetically revealed by William at the end that Kidd murdered the man that helped him hide the treasure to keep its location only to him on the page which he somehow
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