Gold Fish Research Paper

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I can’t believe what just happened! Today, my goldfish died! About 2 weeks ago I won little bubbles at a carnival. As long as I have lived I have begged my parents to get a goldfish! That day was the happiest day of my life. I spent 5 hours thoroughly customizing bubble’s bowl and spent 30 minutes searching for the most nutritious fish food out of all of the local pet stores. Mr. Bubbles and I played all day long. We even developed our own language and communication. When he blew a Bubble, it meant he was saying hello. When he swam in a circle, it meant he was hungry. I protected Bubbles with my life. You see, my dad had this cat named Squeezle. Squeezle couldn’t get enough of watching Bubbles. Instead of television, Squeezle and I were entertained
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