Gold Fish Short Story

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Once upon a time there was a very poor elderly couple who lived by the beach in a humble cabin in Guatemala. The man was a fisherman, so my beautiful husband and I basically fed on the fish that fell into the nets.
One day, the fisherman threw the net into the water and only picked up a small fish. He was amazed when he saw that it was a gold fish that was also able to speak.
- Fisherman, please, let me go! If you do, I 'll give you everything you ask. The fish said to my husband
The old man knew that if he let go he would lose the opportunity to sell it and earn good money, but he felt so sorry for him that he untangled the net and returned it to the sea.
- Return to the life that corresponds to you, little fish You deserve to be free!
When he returned to the cabin I was very angry when I saw that he was empty-handed, but my anger grew even more when my husband told me that he had actually caught a gold fish and released it.
- I cannot believe what you 're telling me ... Do you know what a gold fish is worth? They would have given us a fortune for him! At least you could have asked for something in return, even if it was some bread to eat.
My good husband remembered that the fish had told him that he could grant his wishes, and at the constant complaints of his wife, decided to return to the shore.
- Little gold fish, look at me I need your help! Said my husband.
The little golden head emerged from the water and stared at the old man.
- What can I do for you, friend?
- My
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