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Emily Silverstein Mrs. Winkler Language Arts February 8th 2016 All leaders lead their countries for better or worse. Golda Meir did not only that but she helped impact and change other countries as well. Although She was an Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir largely impacted the United States as well as she helped grow women’s and Jewish empowerment worldwide. Golda Mabovitch was born in Russia, and moved to America due to anti semitism and the American dream. Her home was a dangerous place to live as a jew, “...where mobs killed over 100 Jews.” ( Golda knew what it was like to feel oppressed by her religion. This made her a perfect leader, because her experience made her a strong person. In high school she joined a zionistic…show more content…
Golda 's defense against the Syrian forces ended in victory. She was outnumbered but was able to defeat all of the attackers. Despite all of the obstacles in her way Golda finished the war victoriously. This was Golda Meir’s last achievement before she resigned. Golda was old and ill but still fought for her country. Throughout her life she never lost sight of her dream. Golda Meir was also a role model as a Jewish person and not just a political figure. Throughout her lifetime, she always worked to legitimize the Jewish state. She always worked hard and as a result, even signed the Israeli declaration. Golda also helped settle disputes between hers and other countries, (Golda Meir, Blashfield). Golda Meir was always dedicated to protect her jewish home. She not only helped her country, but kept it safe too. Golda Meir was an important figure for all women around the world. During her life, she inspired women to be greater than their society. Many women in that time were trapped in their society.Golda Meir showed them that they could be better than that. She not only helped women grow from their society but she changed the society for all women. She showed women who they could really be. By doing that she changed the society

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