Golden Age Of Hollywood Essay

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During the Great Depression, the film industry in Hollywood was one of the only businesses flourishing. The American people were, on average, attending films once a week. While in the period known as the Golden Age of Hollywood, lasting from 1917-1963, was known for venturing out and expressing oneself (Dembeck). From around 1915 to 1963 was the time period in which this marvelous and glamorous era took place (“The Golden Age of Hollywood”). The Golden Age of Hollywood was a time of film development that brought joy to many. The movies mounted provided an escape from the miserable reality to many citizens in financial trouble. Directors such as Charlie Chaplin, Fritz Lang, and Ernst Lubitsch administered these stunning motion pictures (“The 30 Greatest Directors of Hollywood’s Golden Age”). James Dean, Shirley Temple, Marilyn Monroe are jaw-dropping actors and actresses who played their part in the Golden Age of Hollywood. The Golden Age of Hollywood was, indeed, a crucial asset to this era because of the impact the period had on the United States of America and its people, the vital motion pictures, the pivotal…show more content…
The Jazz Singer was the first film to include coordinating sound and initiated the new period for motion pictures. Prior to this, silent films were mounted, this period lasted from approximately 1891 until 1927, when The Jazz Singer was presented. Cantor Rabinowitz, played by Warner Oland, will be replaced with his son at the synagogue. Cantor is very enthusiastic about this although his thirteen-year-old son, Jakie, played by Robert Gordon, is not looking forward to taking after his father. Jakie begins to sing at saloons, but when his father finds out, he beats his son to the point where Jakie runs away from home. As time continues on, Jakie is now an adult, played by Al Jolson, sings jazz music, going by the name of Jack
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