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Golden Age of Islam After suffering under the tyrannical rule of King Roderic, Spain was relieved to be taken under the wings of Tariq Ibn Ziyad. Within seven years the Muslims had control over Southern Spain, and Portugal. Muslim rule brought countless changes to Spain, which was then called Al Andalus. This conquest brought significant changes to Spain’s religious tolerance, education, medicine, and architecture. Al Andalus was a harmonious place for the three greatest faiths in the world, Muslims, Jews, and Christians who lived in virtual peace, according to Maryam Noor Beig, in her article, “Andalusia When It Was...” Jews and Christians welcomed the Muslims because they saw this new ruling as an opportunity for liberation. Jews were persecuted…show more content…
Ibn al-Awwam also wrote books with instructions on how to produce hybrids, stop the spreading of disease by insects, and how to create floral essences of perfume (Salloum). The diet of medieval Europe was changed drastically by introducing such plants as plums, artichokes, rice, sorghum, new strains of wheat, sugarcane, and more. The Muslim’s admiration for nature has left its mark on Spain, to this day we see flowers draping down the walls of homes throughout Spain, and phenomenal courtyard gardens, and the preservation of forests.
Mathematics and science were revolutionized, in “How Islam Influenced Science”, an article written by Macksood Aftab, the Managing Editor of The Islamic Herald. Muslims introduced the number zero, decimal system, Arabic numerals, and established the foundation of algebra. As well as the principle of the pendulum, to measure time. There is no doubt a heavy Islamic influence on the vocabulary used in Spain, chemistry terms like alcohol, alkali, and elixir are a few of the words that were adopted during the time of Al Andalus

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