Golden Age Research Paper

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A golden age is a period of time when an empire thrives. It thrives socially, economically, and politically. Both Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome experienced a golden age. Ancient Rome’s Golden Age was called the Pax Romana. Pax Romana means “roman peace”. Both golden ages concluded with the fall of their empire. The Greeks experienced a golden age. Greece was peaceful, orderly, unified, and prosperous for a period of time. During the Greek Golden Age, Greek thinkers called philosophers explored the universe and the place of people in it . Greek philosophers believed in logic when they questioned everything. They were strong believer of reason and observation. One of these philosophers was Socrates. He traveled around Greece questioning people’s…show more content…
Many aspects of Greek culture was incorporated into Rome. Rome all fell due to many causes. One of these causes was military attacks. The attacks were degrading to Rome because their soldiers showed no discipline or loyalty to Rome due to the fact that they were hired mercenaries. Another factor in Rome’s downfall was political turmoil. The government became corrupt and oppressive. Often civil wars would break out in Rome. Economic issues spread across the Roman empire . The taxes raised and raised to support the military. Slave labor prevented the inventions of new technology. Farmers left their land and the economy sunk. Social problems also helped the fall of Rome. Values like patriotism, discipline, and devotion dwindled rapidly. The upper class was no longer involved with the government. Four major causes of Rome’s fall were military attacks, political turmoil, economic issues, and social decay. Both Greece and Rome experience an incredible golden age. However all good things must come to an end. Greek culture was combined with Roman culture to make the empire of Rome prosper. Though Greece and Rome fell, the world wouldn't be where we are without their achievement from their golden ages. Many aspects of our lives today have some sort of connection with Ancient Rome and Ancient
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