Golden Amusement Park Persuasive Speech

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On vacation in California and don’t have anything to do with the whole family? You should visit the Golden Amusement Park and ride our most famous ride Stellar! This ride has one of the most thought out and spectacular themes you will see throughout the park. Stellar is a dark indoor roller coaster with stars covering the ceiling and sides to make it have the feeling that you’re in space. To make it have more of the feeling that you’re in space, they will move through the coaster in a cart shaped like a rocket. In the beginning of the ride, you will experience freefall when a sudden drop occurs shocking many people that weren’t expecting it. Throughout the ride you will experience centripetal force when being whipped around the single and even DOUBLE…show more content…
As the riders think they’re nearing the end, all of the sudden the largest hill of the ride appears. You’ll travel up a hill at a constant speed and when you near the top where the potential energy is the highest, you drop 120’ experiencing weightlessness! At the bottom of the hill, they’ll experience the highest amount of air resistance when the speed of the drop adds in with the speed that they were already going. At the very end of the ride an inertia jerk will occur which is caused from the brakes making the cart come to a slow speed to re enter the station where you first got on the ride. Are you scared to get on the ride because it looks unsafe? Well I can reassure you that this ride has many features that will have you thinking the opposite. For instance, the technology that is used to have the cart move to different tracks has been ran through many times and has never failed! We have also test run the ride so many times and fixed many of the things that we thought could potentially become a problem. There has never been a problem that we couldn’t fix! You should come and enjoy this thrilling but yet safe ride that has been made to make many people enjoy roller coasters even

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