Golden Doodle Autobiography

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It was a Saturday morning at 9:30. I was in my room packing my books to get ready to moved to our new house. My dad all of a sudden texted me pictures of 8 week old golden doodle puppies. I knew that he wanted one badly. A doctor had brought a bunch of puppies to the surgery enter. My dad saw them and knew that my family was eventually going to get a puppy, so instead of talking to my mom, he texted my sister and me. My dad got a doctor to pick us up and take us to the surgery center. When we got there we saw the puppies and immediately loved them. My dad said we should bring the puppies to the hair salon where my mom was. My mom wasn’t there anymore though. We brought the puppies home and my mom said, “They must be so scared… if we get one, can we get her after we move?” I knew immediately that we were going to get one.…show more content…
A few days later we picked out one and the next day we got the puppy we picked out. It was so surprising that my mom let us get one but so exciting at the same time. We got the puppy and kept her name, Penny. She is now four months old. I am so happy we got a puppy. She really completes the family.Penny is definitely the best puppy ever. Like I said before, I am so happy we got our
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