Golden Eyed Characters

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The main characters of the written version and radio play of “Dark They Were, and Golden Eyed” are similar and different in many ways. In the article “Dark They Were, and Golden Eyed”, the author, Ray Bradbury, depicts his main characters by descriptions and written dialogue. In the radio play of “Dark They Were, and Golden Eyed”, the producer, Michael McDonough, depicted his main characters through dialogue and sound effects. Both of these people displayed their characters to have similar personalities and used the same main characters.
The characters presented in the radio play and written version of “Dark They Were, and Golden Eyed” were similar in many ways. One example is with Mr. Bittering; in both versions, he was shown as stubborn
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An example of the differences between Mr. Bittering in the written version and radio play is that in the radio version, he is shown as more relaxed and doesn’t care as much about leaving Mars or staying, like he is in the written version. As the author states on page 129, “Alone, thought Bittering. Only a thousand of us here. No way back. No way. No way. Sweat poured from his face and his hands and his body; he was drenched in the hotness of his fear.” In the radio version of the narrative, Mr. Bittering isn’t as stressed as he is in the written version. In the radio version, they don’t go into as much detail about Mr. Bittering’s reaction because they only use dialogue. Another example of a difference between the two versions of the narrative is on page 133. As the article states, “Mr. Bittering hesitated, and then raised the mirror to his face. There were little, very dim flecks of new gold captured in the blue of his eyes. ‘Now look at what you’ve done,’ said Sam a moment later. ‘You’ve broken my mirror.’” The written version included this group of sentences, and it gave more depth to how Mr. Bittering is reacting to becoming more of a part of Mars, and how he’s growing further away from Earth. Unlike the radio play, showing how Mr. Bittering dropping the mirror shows the amount of shock he’s in and how Mr. Bittering, along with the other colonists from Earth, is becoming more and more of a part
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