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1. Introduction The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, in California in the United States. It connects San Francisco and Marin County. Its construction was finished in 1937. Until 1964 it was the bridge with the longest main span (1,280 meters) and 81 meters above the water; even now it is still a remarkable creation. The bridge was designed and supervised by Joseph B. Strauss the chief engineer. The bridge was constructed in very harsh conditions, but it also had to withstand the weather conditions that are very prominent in the region, such as earthquakes and frequent storms. Even after over 75 years the bridge still has to be retrofitted and maintained. [1] Here the analysis of the construction, development,…show more content…
Suicides on the bridge are a very prominent occurrence and also has to be dealt with. 2. Solution Formulation 2.1. The Earliest Suspension Bridges The simple definition of a suspension bridge is: “a Bridge with overhead cables supporting its roadway.” [1].The most primitive of suspension bridges consisted of just vines and cables with a simple roadway between them. Around 1801 the first modern American suspension bridge was built by Judge James Finley across the Jacob’s Creek in Pennsylvania. He started making a bridge that had a flat roadway that were being suspended from steel cables, giving birth to the modern suspension bridge. [2] The problem with these new types of bridges were that they are very prone to strong winds and storms. They were very problematic with railroads as the structure is very flexible. 2.2. Steel Suspension Bridges Wrought iron suspension bridges consisted of multiple iron links with a minimal strength of 8000psi. With the introduction of the new high strength steel cables long spans with nominal yielding of 85 000 psi could be made possible.…show more content…
These abutments are extremely tough and consist of 23 000 cubic tons of concrete. [4] 3.2. The Pylons and Piers In 1933 the first tower in the north was erected. This was built on the shore. The south tower was built in the bay, were the water is almost 30 meters deep and during storm the water can rise up to 6 meters. A solution had to be found to affluence the construction. A pier composed of metal barriers and filled with concrete had to be erected, this pier was about the size of a soccer stadium. Water was them pumped out so that the southern tower could be constructed. 3.3. The Cables The bridge consisted of 2 main cables; each containing 27 700 wires with a length of 2300 meters, such as Figure 7. Two carriages on the bridge pulled wire back and forth for seven months, which was a lot less than estimated. Each wire was only 5 mm in diameter. After all the cables were spun, some more cables were strung along the main cables to keep them all together. The vertical cables strung to the roadway is called the “harp

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