Golden Gate Bridge Using Mathematical Form Of Parabola

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Beijing No.55 International School IB Math Internal Assessment Name: Justine Tay Class: 11(3) Topic Introduction Worked example Worked example 2 Proof Conclusion Topic: Proof that Golden Gate Bridge uses mathematical form of parabola. Introduction: My report of this internal assessment will be based on the parabola on curves. Parabola is any point that has an equal curve distance to a fixed point and a straight line. we see this in almost everything, such as the plane curves, shooting an arrow, kicking a soccer ball, or throwing a stone, we observe the path of parabola. Bridges will be the main topic and focus of this report as we will be investigating on. I decided to choose the world’s most famous bridge and that will be the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, United states. Built in 1937 and it took four and a half years to complete its construction, which is significantly a great work/masterpiece for San Francisco. A well known landmark. Hence, my mathematical interest is on the fact that the cables that are supporting the bridge is in the shape of parabola. A great example as it has a slight curve, round shape. Finding out whether golden gate bridge is a form of parabola? Golden Gate Bridge has a really long span of 1280meters that makes it one of the longest in the world. The roadway of the bridge is about 80 meters above water level. Each of the cables on the golden gate bridge is lots of

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