Golden Girl Fundraiser Reflection

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I have contributed to the Golden Girl organization in the way of funding in many ways mainly through the carwashes, as well as pancake/cowboy supper , and junior Golden Girls/ Winter Worskshop, these are wonderful opportunities that helps to interact with the Conroe community. The car wash is a fundraiser held during the summer prior to the start of the fall semester, it is a bonding time between the team to get to know the incoming girls as well as giving to the community by washing their cars at a good price, where all the money goes into our fund to lower the price of dues and other necessities. Communication grows during the fundraiser because we are motivated to work together as one to get things done everyone has a part to make the fundraiser a successful event. In my personal experience the fundraising events was very welcoming because the returning members give advice on the incoming year and how to prepare yourself for it. The feedback the organization gets is positive and the people that come always return the next year. Another fundraising event is the pancake/Cowboy supper, this fundraiser is the perfect description of what our community consists of which is pride, friendship, and unity. During the time of the…show more content…
It's lovely to see them grow through the years and how big of an impact this organization has for them it was very important to be the perfect Golden Girl they aspire to be, because they’re hopes and dreams are to become like us one day, we’re role models not only to them, but to the community as a whole. This organization is looked up to and it is an expectation to not slip up and to fit the standards of being a Golden Girl. The fundraiser event helped me to grow patience and to enjoy the growth of others as
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