Golden Girls Movie Analysis

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Betty recently came out to share with the world privy information about her and the other actresses from the ‘Golden Girls.' The three other stars who are now deceased are Estelle Getty, Rue McClanahan, and Bea Arthur. Betty who is an Emmy award winner is still full of spirits and is enjoying life. She has come out clearly to state that the four were more of friends than colleagues. She has revealed that they not only shared gossip but also helped each other through thick and thin during the shooting of the seven seasons of the series. "We loved each other!" Betty who is now 95, once said. "It was an experience like no other. Because in between scenes rather go to the dressing rooms, we would sit down together and just talk about personal…show more content…
It was more so for Bea and I that we at one point thought of calling it quits. The show directors were also torn between going on with the show all calling it off”, Betty rekindled these memories. Lex Passaris who was the director of the show while speaking exclusively to Closer Weekly said that "We were ready to call off the show to allow the girls to grieve but the duo refused and stated that they needed to get down to work." It is now over 25 years, yet the Golden Girls' theme song still plays in our minds because it was very captivating. It is a show that will not be forgotten in a long time to come. The rumor mill has it that there must have been friction between Betty and Bea. The rumor goes on to say that Betty's high spirited nature might have created conflict between her and Bea. Betty, however, refutes this saying that the two were close confidantes. "Bea would never accept to go for dinner unless Betty accompanied her. They were that tight" Rue once said. About this, Matthew Saks the son of Bea Arthur was once interviewed by Closer, and he stated that “Betty would on occasions pick my mum on our driveway or in other cases it was the other way round where my mum would pick Betty from her

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