Golden Valley Academy Mission Statement

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Golden Valley Academy "Together, we can make a difference." Our Mission: Golden Valley Academy is dedicated to inspire young teens to learn. We are aiming to help develop one child 's sets of skills, knowledge and attitude to help them expand their potential. To help them contribute in the making of this new generation, our rapidly changing society--thus, making a better world. Beliefs: We believe that advanced education will empower students to become leaders and responsible citizens. No child is an exception, no matter what race, sexuality or gender you are. In Golden Valley Academy, we believe that an emotionally, physically comfortable and safe environment will be the most effective way of learning. Learning is an active and lifelong activity that is unique for each member of society so we are willing to mold our way of teaching to help our students residing in this school. Curriculum activities are important as well, they are there to provide students countless of pathways to success. We understand that knowledge is key, but however, students need to enjoy learning too. What we aim for is for students to enjoy school but learning too. Our Values: Like any other school, we prioritize our student 's mental and physical condition. As a school,…show more content…
We provide a variety of uniforms for all of our students to wear and feel free to express themselves with these uniquely designed uniforms. Most schools have libraries, and so do we; our library exhibits lots different types of genres of books for all ages. However, we also provide 2 levels of our school gym, showcasing different types of courts suited to the student 's interest. Each student is entitled to one or two days off of school every semester if wanted so the students could just
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