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Ccan you put a goldfish in cold water without it dieing? In fact you can put a goldfish in cold water and the fish can live after being in cold water (Davis). My paper is about goldfish and if you can put them in cold water and them live. First we are going to talk about the common goldfish. and other breeds of goldfish. second is about what you will need for your fish,and a little bit about the actual project itself. This paper will discuss that you can put a fish in cold water and it live.

Common goldfish can take cold weather better than other goldfish. they out compete other goldfish for food so you can 't put them together or you will lose your other fish. they can survive frozen water in winter. if you have a tank inside than it should be about room temp. they also have a wild body type. there lip should be round. they should look like a carp like body. there fins should be rounded and not jagged so they don 't get hurt (brenna). they should be a goldish yellow color.there fins should be stiff and not soft that indicates that the are sick.common goldfish are also very good pond fish. the fins should be clear by default.if color on fins that is desirable.depth should be ⅜ their body (davis).
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A 20 to 30 gallon tank. also you will need food for your fish and it helps to have a heater. Air need to be provided so they don’t suffocate in the tank you can use an air rock. you will also need a filter. the fish i am using for my experiment is an oranda goldfish. they can reach sizes of upto 10 to 12 inches. they will become ill above 75 degrees (lynn, jennifer).ph should be between 6 to 8 which is the acidity in the water. the goldfish eat worms shrimp vegetables and other things.the oranda goldfish are long lived fish but are delicate fish (jennifer

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