Goldfish Short Story

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Once upon a time there lived a girl in a village, named Rara. He lived with his step mother and sister were greedy and cruel. Every day Rara told what to do chores such as washing clothes, sweeping the floor, cooking etc. Even so Rara still love her step mother and sister because it was a testament of his late father. a one day, Rara told to find fish for dinner. after searching for hours on end Rara got goldfish and immediately take home goldfish . when he got home goldfish in put in a bucket of water and then he cooked rice. Suddenly, Rara heard someone ask for help. “ Help..... help...”. Rara seek to various places but could not find it. Then, Rara continued his work and hear that voice Rara find the source of the sound and
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the next day, mother and step sister Rara planning something that could be far from his goldfish. Shortly Rara told to wash clothes in rivers. During Rara washing clothes, the mother and step sister Rara approached goldfish and goldfish told it to change and give him gold bullion but, goldfish is not changed as well. because peeved, mother and step sister cook and ate goldfish. In the afternoon rara come home and was surprised to see the mother and step sister were eating fish, while rara is not cook. Then, rara told to eat fish and then rara eat . lalu, rara asked her mother and sister, "bu .. ka .. you can think of where this fish ??, "asked rara" from the bucket. "Answer Nurma pointing his bucket where the fish are located. rara even make a living being choked with surprise that fish eat are goldfish. Then rara cry. Then her mother said, "why do crying fish. fish anyways functions create edible right ?." Rara not answer. Rara then take the fish bones and buried behind the house, crying and apologizing to the goldfish because her mother and sister had to cook and eat it. After completion of the bone bury goldfish. rara into the house and rested in his room. the next day the goldfish bones into a tree whose leaves turn golden and then rara surprised to see him and approached the tree. Then rara said, "goldfish you turn into a tree ?." Then the fish replied, "actually I was a fairy who comes into the body goldfish and now I was a fairy that lives in the body of this gold tree, if you need of money grab just leaves me and the leaves will turn into

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