Goldie Monologue

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At the beginning of lunch, Goldie walked into the crowded cafeteria. She scanned the crowd to look for her friend Samantha. Goldie fiddled with her caramel colored hair (which she rarely combed), until she finally remembered that her friend was gone for a tournament that day, and so with a long sigh she decided to sit in the corner of the room. She ate as fast as she could so that she can go out of the room after lunch. A crowd of bullies, with mostly dark green and gray eyes, looking harshly at Goldie slowly gathered around her, they were laughing and making fun of how she was eating, where she was sitting and her appearance. Goldie’s sky blue eyes were fixed on her lunch, she was thinking of her next step. Then Goldie heard someone say, “Why…show more content…
If Goldie sat there for one more minute in front of the bullies, she would die of fright. So she jumped up, and ran to an empty table, away from the bullies. After some time, when the crowd ran towards the corridor, Goldie realized that the period was over. She sobbed a little and then left the cafeteria, she was the last one to go. She was late for class and hungry. After she entered her math class, everyone started to look at her and giggle, because her nose was red, her shoelaces were untied and she was sulking. She was controlling her tears from rolling down her cheeks. A brave and angry voice startled the bullies in the class, Goldie thought, it was her friend Samantha, finally someone had decided to take Goldie’s side. The voice said, “Stop bullying my friend, people, and start minding your own business,” Although it was a rude thing to say, that’s what the bullies actually deserved, because they had already troubled Goldie a lot. Samantha entered the class and gave Goldie a friendly and protective smile, which made Goldie feel a lot more comfortable. She thought of her friend being as an upstander for a victim like
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