Goldilocks And Three Bear Character Analysis

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The story of Goldilocks and Three Bears is one of the most classic tales of all time, entertaining young children on Goldilock’s quest for the right porridge, chair, and bed while the bears occupants are out of the house. Similar to Goldilocks is Hazel, in Watership Down by Richard Adams. Suddenly a leader to a group of runaway rabbits on a quest for safety and a new home, and unsure of what being a leader really means. On their journey, they encounter warrens of great size and great power, but there was something wrong with both. The styles of these Chief Rabbits they encounter can be compared to present day leadership ways, such as communism, dictatorship, and for Hazel, democracy. Throughout the novel, Hazel finds his perfect balance between…show more content…
He stayed humble and subtly lead his followers for their safety. He was chosen to take the role of Chief rabbit, and came into the position naturally. Contrasting to General Woundwort, he accepts and uses his companions talents to their/his advantage, and gave all who wanted it, power. Hazel was fair to his followers, and gave order only for their safety. For example, in chapter 32 (Across the Iron Road) when Bigwig recklessly sprints towards the fox in the field, Hazel scolds him upon his return, “You’ve done your best to kill yourself and acted like a complete fool,” [...] “I'm angry with you.” [...] “You’re the one rabbit we’re not going to be able to do without and you have to run a silly risk like that.” He clearly cares about Bigwig, and was put in one of his most harsh times when Bigwig was in danger. Hazel relies on others to help him lead, he distributes equal power, and made a sort of council between Bigwig, Fiver, and himself. He also uses the help of other animals, such as a bird and the mouse, which Cowslip and Woundwort would probably never thought of. This equality of power is similar to democracy, where the council advises a leader for the better of their people. Hazel leads with fairness and has good intentions for each and every one of his followers. He saw how Cowslips lack of structure and lies lead to disaster, and how General Woundwort’s overly controlled warren lead to extremely dissatisfied followers. In the end, Hazel found a

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