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The land of stories: the wishing spell, the first of the Land of Stories series by Chris Colfer is a beautiful story for children of any age to rediscover the magic of the fairytale world. The story begins when 12-year-old twins, Alex and Conner Bailey receive a storybook from their grandmother. When the book starts shaking and glowing in the middle of the night, the inquisitive Alex begins to investigate the strange phenomenon, when she loses her balance and falls into the book, to which her frightened brother follows. They find themselves lost in the fairytale world; only their stories have moved on without the rest of the world. Goldilocks is a felon, Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty are each the queens of their…show more content…
A saber from the deepest sea, meant for a groom’s mortality. The bark of a basket held in fright while running from a bark with bite. A stony crown that’s made to share, found deep within a savage lair. A needle that pierced the lovely skin of a princess with beauty found within. A wavy lock of golden rope that once was freedom’s only hope. Glittering jewels whose value increased after preserving the false decreased. Teardrops of a maiden fairy feeling neither magical nor merry.” The twins then embark on a journey to find the items they believed to be Cinderella's Glass Slipper, a lock of Rapunzel’s hair, a fairy’s tear, Sleeping Beauty’s spindle, the jewels on Snow White’s coffin, Red riding hood’s basket, and the joint crown of the goblin and troll king. While on their journey they discover that the Evil Queen is also out to find the wishing spell items. After facing terrible dangers including evil witches, goblins, trolls, wolf attacks, fires, and a deadly vine, they are captured by the Evil Queen just as they had finished collecting all but one item: a fairy’s tear. The queen takes the items for herself and when asked why tells Alex and Conner how the love of her life was cursed and became her magic mirror. She tells how he slowly lost his personality and memories until he was finally nothing more than a white mask. In response to the Queen’s sad story, Alex sheds a single tear which the Queen wipes off her cheek and tosses at the rest of the wishing spell items. To Alex and Conner’s surprise, it activates the Wishing Spell and the Queen’s wish was finally fulfilled, but far too late, as the man in the mirror falls limp in her arms and takes his last breath. At this point, the castle begins to collapse just as the Queens emotions do the same. After the heroic rescue by the reformed felon, Goldilocks, the twins ask to meet
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