Goldman And The Legacy Of Emma Goldman's Criticism

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A person’s legacy is determined by the extent one’s words and actions have impacted the mindset of the people. In other words, a person that is able to show others a different perspective has paved a path that will lead to greater understanding in the future. The radical reformer and social anarchist, Emma Goldman was able to influence others to follow the political philosophy known as collective anarchy. Specifically, the activist widely-spread the belief that government is not necessary and that it is better for the individuals to voluntarily work together to create a society with collective harmony. Goldman’s childhood strongly lacked any support from her family; her father did not approve of her individual goals and saw her as a failure due to her being a female. Her mother and most of her siblings were distant from her because of her rebellious nature. In addition, her family’s unsuccessful businesses lead her to live in poverty, the events that Goldman saw in the ghetto caused emotional trauma that caused her to conform to the strong belief in women’s right. Often, the past experiences in one’s life shape the way a person becomes in the future. One might argue that Emma Goldman’s daunting past propels her to share her ideology that…show more content…
The legacy that Goldman has left has created ideologies that can relate to the values of feminism and anarchism. Today, some of her beliefs have been rooted in the core ethics of these philosophies. The isolation and trauma Goldman went through her life has paved a harsh path filled with sadness and grief, but overall she has fulfilled the goals she sought out to do. She was able to teach the inexperienced individuals about progressive factors that help shape a more united and collective society. Goldman’s educations through lectures provided a better understanding for the ignorant and helped place rights to provide more
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