Goldman Sachs Asset Management Summary

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Jim O’Neill was the chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM). As a chairman, he was involved in helping guide all aspects of GSAM’s business around the world. Prior to assuming this role in September 2010, Jim was head of Global Economics, Commodities and Strategy Research. He serves on the European Management Committee and the Senior Diversity Council. Jim joined Goldman Sachs in 1995 as a partner, co-head of Global Economics Research and chief currency economist.
Prior to joining the firm, Jim was head of research, globally, for Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC) from 1991 to 1995. He joined SBC in 1988. Prior to that, he was with Bank of America and International Treasury Management, a division of Marine Midland Bank.
He is the creator
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The G20 also made the largest effort to replenish stalled pharmaceutical-development pipelines for new antibiotics and roll out diagnostic tests enabling clinicians to use the drugs they have more effectively.
He lays out a strategy on how the UN must proceed to stymie AMR which is as follows-
First, the UN member states should begin to integrate their responses to AMR across all regulatory bodies and relevant sectors, including health care, agriculture and finance. The UN can convene the world’s leaders and foster international and inter-organizational cooperation on global economic and social problems; and it can tap the power of its own agencies to mobilize global resources against AMR.
Second, to keep things on track, the UN should establish clear benchmarks, based on measurable outcomes, and it should commit to putting AMR back on the General Assembly’s agenda every two years. This would create a framework for measuring global progress, while also sending a strong message that the UN is in it for a long haul, and that AMR should be a high priority for the next
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Theresa May, British Prime Minister, suffered her first ministerial resignation this year when Jim O’Neill quit amid speculation that he was unhappy with her policies on China and other things. In his resignation, he wrote that he had joined the ministry with the intention of bringing about enhancement of his goals on antimicrobial resistance. He wanted to improve the country’s ties with that of China and India. He is now working on both these critical initiatives as a non-governmental person. He was assured that the ministry would work on the foundations laid by him. Jim O’Neill is a man of his words and has a strong thinking to back him. His contribution in the field of finance through the various initiatives has been
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