Goldman Vs. Weinberger Case Summary

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Goldman v Weinberger is a case in which Goldman sued Weinberger because his freedom of religion was not exercised in the United States Air force. Goldman sued him because his religion called for him to wear a yarmulke to show that God was the highest form of life. For years he wore the accessory. He was later told to take off the accessory and he refused the proposal. A couple of days later “ In 1981 he was required to testify as a defense witness at a court-martial ” according to . After his officer ordered him to not wear the accessory while on campus and in uniform so he had to take it off for the times being. He refused this order, then he got his attorney and his attorney filed a complaint against to the Air Force General Counsel.…show more content…
Goldman suggested that he will report in civilian clothes and still wear the accessory until the court decided its verdict. He was rejected of this idea and got threatened with a court-martial. At this point Goldman sued the secretary of defense, Caspar Weinberger, for breaking his rights to Free Exercise. “He was favored at the District Court of Washington, D.C., but that decision was reversed in the Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court granted the writ of certiorari…” According to“he then submitted evidence that there was not a compelling interest for preventing the display of religious apparel, because it presented no danger to military discipline.” ” according to He was later rejected of this proposal by a 5-4 supreme court

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