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You cannot sit in your squatting pose much longer, the other capoerisita’s leg has just swung over you, and your response to his movement must be swift and fluid, you must win this game of “jogo de capoeira” or in English the game of capoeira. This Afro-Brazilian style of dance is called capoeira. This combination of dance, martial arts, and playing for fun has become a world-renowned dance style. With roots in rural Africa, this dance style has been brought and branched out into the urban streets and life of Brazil. Along the way, men have been kicked up dirt with a banging of drum changing the pace of lives for years from enslavement in Africa, to being criminalized, to dancing on stages around the world. This Afro-Brazilian style of dance…show more content…
The stage they perform on greets them with an audience, ready for a show. Usually a dancer is called by the characteristics of the dance that they perform or of the dance the perform, like ballet performer is a ballerina, or a person who tap dances is a tap dancer, a person who plays a game of capoeira is not a “capoirers”, they are capoeiristas. “Two capoeiristas (players of capoeira) exchange movements of attack and defense(CIH)”. This a simplistic way of defining the acrobatic-gymnastic-martial like movement of a capoerista. The best way to describe the intretric movment of a capoeirista is to say capoeira is “an exchange of movement of attack and defense in a constant flow while observing rituals and proper manners of the art(CIH).” The attack and defense movement to people who are not familiar with the dance style would believe that the two capoeristas were fighting one another, this brought a few issues with the government as time progressed. “It was resembled a fight disguised a strange form of dance because its powerful strokes were strong enough to inflict serious bodily harm or even kill a person(CCC).” But much like any dance style, the performers respect one another, when the dance was first created, it wasn’t made to harm one another, but the common enemy of slave masters and the milita would attack them for practicing capoeira or…show more content…
The legislation however, did not stop the maltas, or groups of capoeristias from playing. The punishment for “jogo de capoeira” ranged from fines to enprisonment. During this era, it was rare that someone who was freed from enslavement would want to be re-imprisoned. “Jogo de capoeira” being outlawed brought tension between the government and capoeriastias. It wasn’t until years later that the government legalized capoeira. With capoeira being legalized, it brought forth a new generation of capoeristias. For years, capeoria was recognized as a violent game played between two men, but over time it has become a dance that people of all ages and genders can play. But of course, the capoeira martial art-dance style didn’t stay in Brazil, it continued to grow and expand in other countries. “It is 1930, in Salvador, Bahia, Mestre Bimba had cultivated his new style of capoeira to a peak (OG).” The swift side swipes, high arm motions, and defensive crouches are just the starting points of capoeira, its constantly evolving and as it reaches to the nation, the style of capoeira will vary based on the countries native dance style. Capoeria continues to be culturally present with making appreances in movies and on dance stages, along as

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