Golf Argumentative Essay

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If you were to look at the PGA tour (Professional Golf Association) you could literally count on one hand how many black players you would see. To be honest there is only one notable golfer and he is "on his last leg" if you will. Tiger Woods, once the number one golfer in the world lit the path for black golfers. We saw how masterfully one man dominated the sport and it sparked a great movement of black golfers in America. Although Tiger debuted in 1998, golf has been a sport since the 1400s so why are we just now jumping on ship? Why hasn't golf been big in the black community until now? There are a number of reasons why but instead lets focus on what golf has done for blacks. Golf has been beneficial for the African American society because it has decreased social injustice and granted black's basic rights. Not only has it granted basic rights to blacks but golf has given African American males a new opportunity to expand beyond their cultural horizon. I will give you…show more content…
Golf has improved black and white relations through common ground. If we were to look back in American history we would find that blacks and whites were not "two peas in a pod". From slavery all the way to Jim Crow laws we can easily see examples of racial injustice of America’s past. Golf has helped to fight the battle of racial segregation in a mighty way. If I were to say this in a crowded room I would probably receive blank stares and confused faces. "Surprisingly, golf was an early battleground of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, along with voting rights and equal access to public education, hotels, restaurants, transportation, playgrounds, beaches, and other public accommodations". -Kirsch, George B (p.371-391). This is proof that golf has helped shape the relationship between blacks and whites to this day. People of each race enjoyed to play golf which is why it served as common
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