Golf Ball Bounces Lab Report

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Purpose: To determine whether a golf ball, tennis ball, or ping pong ball has the highest rebound bounce height when dropped from specified points 2 meters and below. Materials and Equipment: 2 Meter sticks Tennis ball Ping pong ball Golf ball Flat surface Procedure: Have one group member hold up the two meter sticks on the flat surface, one on top of the other, so that they reach 2 meters in the air. The next partner should drop ball 1 from the 2 meter mark. The last partner should measure how high the ball bounced, by getting level with the ball and looking at the meter sticks. Record the height of the rebound bounce height. Repeat these steps three times, then solve and record the average height. After dropping ball 1 from 2 meters, use…show more content…
After that came ping pong ball (ball 1) with a 1.03 meter rebound height, and tennis ball (ball 2) had the lowest rebound height with 1.02 meters. My data was accurate, because for every height, we had to drop the specific ball three times. If the member recording the rebound height didn’t get an accurate reading, the entire group would re-drop the ball until we did get an accurate measurement. By doing this, we mitigated errors before they occurred. After dropping the ball three times, the group would calculate the average rebound height. Then, we would compare the average rebound heights among different drop heights and different types of balls. An error that could have negatively affected the data, is a human error. Even though the group tried to be as accurate as possible, mistakes always happen. A measurement could have been read wrong, or a mistake in calculating the averages might have occurred. In the future to get rid of these problems completely, the lab could be done twice to insure accuracy and check for possible mistakes. For a future experiment, it could be tested how much power it takes to push down on the three balls for them to bounce 2 meters

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