Golf Ball Physics

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Maya M. Rivera 201 8/R

Calculate the height it takes to fire a golf ball out of a cannon at different initial speeds. What is the relationship between the initial speed of the golf ball and the height recorded?

What is a projectile?
A projectile is a missile designed to be fired from a rocket or gun but in this case it is a cannon.

Independant and Dependant Variable?
Our independent variable is the initial speed (m/s) while my dependant variable is height (m). We also have four constants; mass which is 1 kg, diameter which is .4 (m), golf ball, and our final constant is angle of release at 45 degrees.

If you were to increase the speed of a golf ball I think that the height will increase as well because the speed adds more force and being that the golf ball is so light it won’t have much friction to the speed.


You gather your computer and then you go to the website;
You then click on the play button so you can get to the part where you set up your experiment to get your data.
Then in the box that you can scroll that would be on your right hand side, you scroll down until you see a golf ball and pick that as your object.
Since my partner and I didn’t agree with the constants
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It was easy to perform and using the computer was an added bonus. My data was consistent and it showed that initial speed and height are directly proportional. They are directly proportional at increasing rates, as the initial speed increased so did the
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